Virtual Competence Assurance Training

We are now delivering our Competence Assessor and Internal Verifier training courses virtually using video conferencing.

These courses are delivered by our Managing Director Gavin Smith using Microsoft Teams which means that delegates can attend the training from anywhere.
The courses are split into shorter than normal sessions which allows delegates to complete coursework in between. Along with our own course content, we work with our clients to ensure that any company specific messages, processes, documentation and branding are weaved into our course. If required, we also make time for key client personnel to join the delegates to share their thoughts and/or receive feedback.
We run the sessions for smaller groups to allow for as much group discussion as possible. Regardless of the class size, we use virtual breakout rooms to ensure that delegates can easily complete the exercises in pairs or small groups whilst still having access to the trainer. In addition to the interactive sessions we use the Caledonia Competence LMS – ATTAIN to support the training sessions. All delegates gain access to the system for our pre-course questionnaire through to completion of the post-course assessments.
If you would like information please email us at: