What is Competence Assurance?

At Caledonia Competence, we are often asked for our definition of Competence Assurance. This terminology generates many different interpretations and therefore definitions. These can range from the view that it is a process that creates an unnecessary cost burden, through to it being a concept that connects every people related process in an organisation. Our view is that, for most organisations, the reality is somewhere between the two ends of this spectrum.

What we tell our clients is that being clear on how they define and approach Competence Assurance is the most important thing. If an organisation doesn’t have a position on Competence Assurance then they may well have one imposed on them by an external body – perhaps a client or a regulatory body. So, once the organisation has decided on their approach and documented it, then it is a case of doing what they say they do.

So, what is our definition our Competence Assurance?

For us, it is a workplace assessment process which captures the knowledge, skills, behaviours and experience of the individuals being assessed. We believe that the assessment process should be linked to processes such as recruitment and training & development but most importantly, we believe that it should involve objective assessments against a pre-defined standard using evidence from the workplace.

To assist organisations that are looking for some guidance as to where to start, we have developed a free Competence Assurance Scheme Checklist. This can also be used by organisations that wish to review their existing Scheme.

If you are interested in receiving a copy of this, send an e-mail titled “Free Competence Assurance Scheme Checklist” to: resources@caledoniacompetence.com

The “Our Services” section of our site provides more information on how we can support organisations with the creation, review or management of their Competence Schemes. If you would like further information on our products and services, please e-mail us at enquiries@caledoniacompetence.com or call us on +44 33000 10960.